Sunday, September 28, 2008

Race: Myopic view of Cultural Diversity

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I say, let's ban all races, including the Melbourne Cup, Olympics, the local school races, even the race to see who gets to the remote first.
What a lot of poppycock! Race is nothing but a myopic view of cultural diversity. There is hardly any genetic difference among us all.
Who am I but a distant cousin of everyone else!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Adrian Keefe remembers Sir Tei Abal

Subject: Photo of Sir Tei

Adrian Keefe
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In reply to: Lond Neo 's message, "Sir Tei Abal - A good story to read this Independence for Engans" on Thu, Sep 11 2008, 09:55:16pm

Sir Tei was a noble man. Although I was much taller than he, Sir Tei towered over most of us in spirit and in sheer class. His eyes had that penetrating appearance of a person who sees and not just looks.

I have a photo of Sir Tei standing in front of Engans clad for war; spears and galvanised iron shields, bows and arrows, and not a gun in sight. His group was ready for war against an equally irate Teremanda/Amala group, just to the west of Wabag Town.

Sir Tei calmed his group and did the same to the others and you could see that Sir Tei had the respect of both warring groups.

No one else in Wabag at that time could have stood between both groups at war with each other and prevented war.

Such was the status of Sir Tei.

Most of all Sir Tei was a gentleman and a warm human being.

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[> [> Subject: Re: Photo of Sir Tei

Engan Lenge
[Edit] Date Posted: Fri, Sep 12 2008, 10:44:03am

Thanks Adrian, Sir Tei was a noble man, his legend will live through the minds of many engan generations to come. Great simplity with higher visions was he. Education was no barrier to his determination for his engan people, highlands region and PNG.

On an other note, today much education has made us educational fools and professional con-artists. Claimed leaders are corrupted and consumed with pride. Again our fathers during Sir Tei's days were loyal tribesmen to their tribe leaders, today no-one listens to anyone.
Sir Tei's Glorious purposes for enga are our failures today. Only a heavenward mind will liberate us from the bondage of poverty and give back what has been long aspired by our forefathers.

If Sir Tei was successful in delaying independence, would engans (PNG) be ready for it (independence) today??? Despite the leadership denial, people enjoy being loose cowboys than colonial bandits anyway.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Adrian Keefe remembers Sir Albert Kipalan

Subject: Coltra remembers Sir Albert Kipalan
Author:Adrian Keefe
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Date Posted: Fri, Sep 05 2008, 06:55:02amIn reply to: Natasha Kipalan 's message, "Re: Former Wabag MP, Sir Albert Kipalan passes.." on Tue, Sep 02 2008, 09:37:44pm

I had a fond respect for Albert when I was manager of Coltra and of Wabag Lodge back in the late 70s and 80s. Our family's home at landamanda overlooked Teremanda and Sari and often Albert walked up the hill and sat on the grass with us and the afternoons wafted by so pleasantly.He was a good bloke. We all loved him. Even though I was older than my friend I had a deep respect for his penetrating insights into the world of culture, religion and politics. He and Akii Tumu and Luke Kembol and Ben Lokain and Peter Piaoen and Theo Askon walked Enga with grace.Don Kapi and Leoas Kipalan also were beneficiaries of the legacy of Albert but none reached the heights that my friend Albert reached.I am disheartened to read the mockery contained in some lines written on this forum by a longlong who has no idea of respect and of Enga.My son was born at Sopas. Landapen still carries his Enga name for we are all Piao and we are all Engan, no matter our birthplace and colour off skin.Sir Albert, old mate, I'll look for you when my time arrives and maybe we'll have a few laughs as we did all those long years ago.See you later, wantok.

Natasha Kipalan and her Grandfather

Subject: Re: Former Wabag MP, Sir Albert Kipalan passes..
Author:Natasha Kipalan
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Date Posted: Tue, Sep 02 2008, 09:37:44pmIn reply to: KLagaipT3 's message, "Former Wabag MP, Sir Albert Kipalan passes.." on Tue, Aug 05 2008, 12:52:46pm

Sir Albert was my grandfather and i would like to thank you for your heartfelt condolences. I know for sure we will all miss him dearly..especially his big heart.Thank you all..