Saturday, November 27, 2010

God is Quran as God is to All

God is the Quran as God is All. To ignore the Quran is to ignore God. I am not Muslim but I read the Quran and I am inspired as I was inspired by Jesus and Buddha. Islam is not Terrorism for how could God be Terror?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wen Jiabao is Needed to Inspire Return to 6 Party Talks

I'd like to retaliate against the DPRK attack on ROK but Premier Wen is right: only the 6 party talks can bring a solution to this very complicated scenario. It requires someone of the stature of Wen Jiabao to cause all parties to resume talking.

China Daily
27 Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China's Responsibility to Enforce Peace between Korean enemies

China seems to be the one who has lost face in this latest fiasco between the Korean enemies. To be seen as a useless hulk with an impotent punch is not in China's interests. We need China to be strong and secure and to wind in the hooligans of the region. It is China's responsibility now that it is a superpower to maintain order.

China Daily
25 Nov 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

China must get rid of tobacco for the sake of its people

Yes, why wait so long, China? So many of my Chinese friends have either died or are sick from tobacco and it is the responsibility of the Chinese Government to protect its citizens from this death. Shame on the Chinese Health Authorities.

China Daily
24 Nov 2010

China must Crticise DPRK

Having lived for many years in China I cannot understand why China refrains from critical comment against DPRK. Once a war ally [1950-3] China is not expected to toe the Kim line forever. China's reluctance to criticise DPRK is pathetic. China has dropped a long way in my estimation.

China Daily
23 Nov 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Asia Bibi: Pakistan's Horror: Hanging a Mother for Giving Water

Your Excellency

This matter of Ms Asia Bibi is making Pakistan the ogre among our friends, and Pakistan is a friend.

I understand that Ms Bibi should be released but to have kept her in gaol all this time for some water is

disgraceful and you would know how valuable life is. Her children!

I cannot see in the Holy Quran anywhere that celebrates killing a woman for this?

I am a student of Islam and I am shocked by Pakistan's stand on this serious matter.

I wonder what Imran Khan and Wasim Akram would say about this!


Adrian Keefe
02 66661428

Saturday, November 20, 2010

China needs to Relax

I have lived in China as a laoshi on six occasions and found life here as dull and as hectic as elsewhere on our planet. It's not all that different when it comes to basics. Chinese constitute the largest non-British immigrant sector of Australia's immigration intake. You walk around any of our cities or even country towns and Chinese Australians are as obvious as any other Australians [Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Burmese ...]
China does not need Marco Polos. China needs simply to be square and honest and to cut the crap as we all see through the bulldust. China does not need marco Polos. China needs to relax and enjoy us as we enjoy China.

China Daily
21 Nov 2010

Chinese may be Romans or may be Irish?

LANZHOU - Anthropologists are looking into the possibility that some European-looking Chinese in Northwest China are the descendants of a lost army from the Roman Empire.

They probably are Irish descendants as we all know the Irish have no idea where they are going so they may have travelled to China in an effort to reach Dublin!

China Daily
21 Nov 2010

Ether of Digitalis for ESL Teacher

Our ships passed in the ether of digitalis, and with the passage, certain nuances were not as audacious as perhaps they may have been.

My classroom time has been, beneath the canopy of tutelage, the basic steel of my structure. My methodology has been framed around Cambridge text and the British model of classroom behaviour.

Our classrooms have been as small as one and as large as one hundred and forty. Hence my cryptic allusion to comedy. I would have expanded upon the extraordinary and difficult-to-comprehend story of my times in Botswana and Papua New Guinea. In Botswana I had to develop a township for 400 adults and their dependants, and from this to build a school, construct a curriculum that faintly adhered to a non-existent national education platform, and to take barely educated local Botswanans and train them to be teachers. This was my added responsibility as the general manager of Chobe Five Star Game Lodge.

You can't glibly categorise this experience under headings.

I have been successful because I do not fit the normal bill nor do I carry the slothful baggage of textbook exhaustion.

My time as an assistant to learning and growing can hardly be differentiated upon the basis of university or primary school classrooms. I do know that the energy required to manage a classroom of fifty four year olds is equivalent to a marathon. And I do know that not once in my time in front of young learners, not one of them has cried. That is something to crow abou

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magistrate codes his racist thinking

Send a clear message to what community? I says nothing to me and to my community. The local Kooris aren't affected by it all. Who, then, is the clear message intended? Is not this in itself racist if not segmentist or simply bigoted when the only community logically that would be affected would be the community that has among its numbers people who wear burqas. If this is so, then why couldn't the magistrate honestly and without coded words say that Muslims have been sent a 'clear message'.

Daily Telegraph
19 Nov 2010

Papua New Guinea: More Smiles than Anywhere Else in the World

There is more rape and murder in Sydney than in all of PNG, wantok. There is more violence in South Africa than in POM. I lived in the Highlands for long time and I never had trouble with anyone. I saw plenty tribal fight, plenty fait blo spak, plenty fights between man na meri na between meri na meri. Tasol displa samting ol i stap nating. There are more smiles in PNG than in any other country and I have seen the world.

19 Nov 2010

Israeli Bullshit

The Israelis have replaced the bulldozer with bullshit. Another example of a duplicitous nation hellbent on ruining everyone's lives so that uncaring Zionists can live fat on Arab land.

19 Nov 2010

China and India: Two Giants Ill at Ease with Each Other

Adrian Keefe
China may appear to be seen as aggressive but its actions are consistent with a truly independent stance. For years others have stood on China's toes without fear of retaliation; but economic imperatives and a nation more hooked onto the world via the media and Internet have made this sort of behaviour unwise today. India has its own behavioural disabilities and thrashes out at Pakistan or Britain or Australia or anyone whom it considers worthy of Indian wrath. The US idea that supply of nuclear material to India is an act that helps to perpetuate peace is fraught with danger.

18 Nov 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Roberta Bobbi Sykes RIP

I was a good friend of Bobbi Sykes from the early days of Kings Cross. I was the DJ at the Sound Lounge in 1962 until 1963. Bobbi was a humane lady. I spent 1969 in Townsville and Bobbi and her family treated me as one of them. It made army life with 2RAR a little more acceptable.
When I returned from South Africa in 1977 with my son whom I abducted from apartheid, I first went to Bobbi as she was the only one with whom I had history. Bobbi was inspirational and I will miss her. My heart goes out to Indigenous Australia and to Bobbi's family.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bush Paranoia and Death of Muslims

My point is that Bush's bias against Muslims, even to the point of extreme paranoia, was not opposed by the majority of Americans. But if Bush campaigned militarily against Christians and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Christians, especially Protestant Christians, then the American people would have stopped him before he got too far.
Syarif's post was illustrative of the lack of concern Bush had with the concept of other peoples' death. As Texas Governor Bush executed many many many humans when he could have commuted their sentences to imprisonment.
Water torture was okayed by Bush but against Muslims not Christians.
So, to conclude, that Bush could easily have an innicent man executed comes as no surprise given that Bush caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.
Hope you understand.

Nov 16 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Uncle Charlie Moran and Forbidden Language of Bunjalung

Posted by Caoimh from Bulldog, New South Wales
15 November 2010 9:32 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

Uncle Charlie Moran knows his stuff. I wish I had school learning of an Aboriginal language. There are so many of them and it is our loss that so many have been lost due to imperial commands to cease communicating in Indigenous languages. That edict was one of the Empire's and later Australia's most damaging clamps on Aboriginal civilisation.

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General rules of language transference

I am not writing necessarily about you, Syarif, but about general rules of language transference [communication and adopting language traits from others]. We ALL are subject to these influences. I resist Americanisms in my speech and language. I therefore am resistant to manipulation. I don't adopt readily every silly buzz word that happens along via American media [TV, Films etc]
Also peculiar is a peculiar word; when it is written as I have written it, it means that your language is yours and yours alone, and no one can tell you or influence your language unless you allow it consciously or unconsciously.

Nov 15, 2010

Power and Language

Adrian Keefe 14 November at 22:14

British English is adopting many Americanisms ... as has Oz. It is due mainly to power relationships among media and those groups who are able to manipulate media. Murdoch has as much influence in UK as in OZ and US. It is under his tutelage that language structures are manipulated. Sentences are reduced to fit headlines and TB metronomic cadences. What is said and how it is said and at what time it is said all contribute to how we are allowed to think and with what words.
Thus your English is peculiar only to you. Your English is unique and contains elements of language that you select whether consciously or unconsciously. Your understanding of how you speak reflects how gullible you are to influence or how resistant you are to manipulation.

Nov 14 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just about everything the state of Israel does these days is disgusting

I used to like the idea of Israel in my post-Exodus years. But Israel itself has destroyed my illusion. Just about everything the state of Israel does these days is disgusting. I will not list the indignities and murders committed by Israelis ... all in the name of 'the world owes us' mentality.

Haaretz [Israel]
11 November 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama's visit to Indonesia is welcomed by people

Indonesian students protest against Obama's visit
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Roman Zsciesvski 2010-11-09 09:42
From my observation here in Indonesia, there is a very big show of support for Obama's visit among villagers and small business people. This is from conversation I have had during the past few days.

China is weak compared to Oz generosity

You think that is news? A few dollars over a million bucks? Australia, with a small population of 22 million, against China's 1.4 billion, has given Indonesia $AUD1.5 billion in the past few years. Now this is something to write about!

China Daily
9 Nov 2010

China is blowing its own deadly balloon

I think that Mrs Clinton is right on this important matter. I have lived in China six years recently and the change in attitude toward the rest of the world is noticeable. It is on the street, in the queues and on the buses where ordinary people express themselves without incurring the wrath of officialdom in China. But it is in these bouts of expression do we outsiders [laowai] witness just what is happening in China. And it is like watching a balloon being blown up and we are waiting for it to burst. If they keep blowing, it will burst and we will be covered in it.

The Australian
9 Nov 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Support a school for English education in Enga PNG

A few of us will establish a school for English education in Enga. This not for profit venture is in response to the unfortunately low results these past years at the national level. We need support and we need teachers who want to teach English. We are Australian and PNG educators with international experience. Contact me at either or at or write to me at PO Box 941 Goroka EHP

PNGScape Nov 7 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hu Jintao has support of Chinese People

Hu Jintao is powerful because he has the support of the Chinese people. It is as simple as that. If he did not do his job properly, the people would not support him. We all would know about it. But Hu Jintao clearly is popular and has with Wen Jiabao, brought China to the world of peace and prosperity and, I may add, happiness.

China Daily
6 Nov 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

China kicks off the kick off

Kick off is a term used to describe the start of a game of football. China Daily has for the past five years kicked off every event that had merely begun or started. It is sufficient to write that President Hu arrived for a three day State visit. He doesn't have to kick off anything. It is a trait that is irritating to readers of your fine news medium and it is a useless group of words.

China Daily
5 November 2010

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twice two-timed by two time

Whatever happened to triple and twice and double? All we see and hear nowadays is three time and two time.

Reductionism increases its pernicious affect upon our way of thinking.