Thursday, December 30, 2010

Israel's Crimes in Gaza

What the Israelis seem to have forgotten is that children remember and that they grow into adults and maintain the hatred. Israel's crimes in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine will never be forgotten and the children of today's Israeli leaders will reap the sorrows tomorrow, because the children of Palestine will never forget. It is all so stupid and I just wish Israel would wake up to itself and behave as a civilised nation instead of as a thug nation.

31 Dec 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Respect is an honest word. It does not pretend alternate meanings. Love expects and at times demands reciprocity, as unrequited love is painful to many. But respect ... one can respect without refund. It is an honest word.

30 Dec 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bully States such as India, Israel and the US

As my previous post stated: The Irish may forget but they never forgive. What bully states such as India, Israel and the US fail to realise [or simply ignore consequences] is that hurt people don't understand the nature of bully politics and sooner or later will retaliate. When they retaliate they become labelled 'terrorist' by the bully state. You can see the pattern, can't you? Then any criminal and murderous actions by the bully state is sanctioned as 'counter terror'. It is all sick.

29 Dec 2010

Help for Oppressed People: Vets Club of Kashmir

Nothing's changed and we thought that maybe things just might get better for oppressed peoples the world over. Why is it that poor people seem to get the worst from societies? We should take an example from Kashmir's Vets Club, a group of doctors devoted to getting leprosy patients economically viable. With such spirit we could overcome this mindset of oppression by powerful over weaker

28 Dec 2010

Ponting and John 'WMD' Hoawrd

Ponting has similar characteristics to John 'WMD' Howard: petulant, arrogant, brutish, childish, mean, uncharitable, supercilious, pugilistic and a spiteful bullish biting way of talking to people

FB 28 Dec 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Crap from China Daily on DPRK and USA

Never have I read such rubbish from CD. In the ten years that I have been reading CD this is the most pathetic example of journalism. Is the CD a lobbyist for DPRK? You have lost me as a reader. News needs to be balanced and all this article did was to indicate that CD is nothing more than a political rag. Shame on you Chinese CD journalists.

China Daily
28 Dec 2010

World's Animals Have Rights Equal to Humans

One would think that Earth was created for humans only. There are animals out there, whether on land or in the sea or up in the air, that need life just as much as we do. To thwart animals that require magnetic pulses for direction is a bit dilly and the repercussions may be such that we will regret having shoved generators into the oceans.

FB 28 Dec 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

America's Sycophantic Attitude toward Israel

There is no limit to America's sycophantic attitude toward Israel: When it comes to pleasing AIPAC, there are simply no limits. When it all boils down, America is afraid of Israel and the disgustingly efficient Israeli lobby.

20 Dec 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Balfour and Deceit

The Balfour Declaration echoes with dreadful effect down through the modern era. The British and the French reneged on their promise to the Arabs and look what is happening in ME today. It is time to upturn history and make things right
It is hard to trust them is hard to trust when history is full of deceit; imperialism was built upon deceit

Cartoons are not funny when they hurt and harm

What pisses me off is the reason certain fools want to create cartoons that eventually will cause hurt and harm. We all know depictions of the Holy Prophet [PBUH] are simply not why be offensive? I am Australian and it offends me because it offends my friends and it offends Islam.

19 Dec 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fred Freddy on China's Engagement with India

I am happy that China is engaged. Where is the ring?

China Daily
16 Dec 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fred Freddy on China's bid to curb inflation

It is good to inflate curbs.

China Daily
14 Dec 2010

Chomsky and Wikileaks

It's natural that Chomsky would join the fight against this shit... only turds support suppression

13 Dec 2010

China and Japan inch toward conflict again

China still reviles Japan and just about every month sees celebration of some Japanese atrocity or another. They are bound to fight again. The national psyches demand it. There is too much hurt and hate for war not to approach these two nations.

13 Dec 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fred Freddy on China's Confucius Peace Prize

The Confused Peace Prize. How funny.

China Daily
13 Dec 2010

Fred Freddy on Foreign and Military Affairs China ready to assume world obligations (Xinhua)

Goodee. Now I can learn Chinese Chess.

China daily
13 Dec 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fred Freddy on War in Korea Mk 3

How exciting. A war.

China Daily
12 Dec 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hu Jintao is the One to Ease Tension on Korea Peninsula

Hu calls for calm to avoid escalating tension
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nihaihao 2010-12-06 16:48
this is a good news. i think Korean should low only a little and poor country.

applebye 2010-12-06 16:44
Can foreigners read these news?

ADRIAN KEEFE 2010-12-06 16:29
It needs the prestige of the office of Chinese President to mediate in this crisis. Hu Jintao is well situated to calm t
he heated tempers of his neighbours.

Hu Jintao is the One to Ease Tension on Korea Peninsula

It needs the prestige of the office of Chinese President to mediate in this crisis. Hu Jintao is well situated to calm the heated tempers of his neighbours.

China Daily

6 Dec 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

China is so Corrupt

I am surprised to see that China is so corrupt. Why does not the government stamp out corruption? Why is corruption so rife in the Communist Party of China? Is something wrong with that organisation?

China Daily
4 Dec 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oz Police So Corrupt They Are Untrustworthy

To remain silent or to speak is to trust police. After their history of corruption and fitting suspects to crimes or perversely fitting suspects to crimes, one would have to be mad to provide police with further powers to corrupt justice.

4 Dec 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

God is Quran as God is to All

God is the Quran as God is All. To ignore the Quran is to ignore God. I am not Muslim but I read the Quran and I am inspired as I was inspired by Jesus and Buddha. Islam is not Terrorism for how could God be Terror?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wen Jiabao is Needed to Inspire Return to 6 Party Talks

I'd like to retaliate against the DPRK attack on ROK but Premier Wen is right: only the 6 party talks can bring a solution to this very complicated scenario. It requires someone of the stature of Wen Jiabao to cause all parties to resume talking.

China Daily
27 Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

China's Responsibility to Enforce Peace between Korean enemies

China seems to be the one who has lost face in this latest fiasco between the Korean enemies. To be seen as a useless hulk with an impotent punch is not in China's interests. We need China to be strong and secure and to wind in the hooligans of the region. It is China's responsibility now that it is a superpower to maintain order.

China Daily
25 Nov 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

China must get rid of tobacco for the sake of its people

Yes, why wait so long, China? So many of my Chinese friends have either died or are sick from tobacco and it is the responsibility of the Chinese Government to protect its citizens from this death. Shame on the Chinese Health Authorities.

China Daily
24 Nov 2010

China must Crticise DPRK

Having lived for many years in China I cannot understand why China refrains from critical comment against DPRK. Once a war ally [1950-3] China is not expected to toe the Kim line forever. China's reluctance to criticise DPRK is pathetic. China has dropped a long way in my estimation.

China Daily
23 Nov 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Asia Bibi: Pakistan's Horror: Hanging a Mother for Giving Water

Your Excellency

This matter of Ms Asia Bibi is making Pakistan the ogre among our friends, and Pakistan is a friend.

I understand that Ms Bibi should be released but to have kept her in gaol all this time for some water is

disgraceful and you would know how valuable life is. Her children!

I cannot see in the Holy Quran anywhere that celebrates killing a woman for this?

I am a student of Islam and I am shocked by Pakistan's stand on this serious matter.

I wonder what Imran Khan and Wasim Akram would say about this!


Adrian Keefe
02 66661428

Saturday, November 20, 2010

China needs to Relax

I have lived in China as a laoshi on six occasions and found life here as dull and as hectic as elsewhere on our planet. It's not all that different when it comes to basics. Chinese constitute the largest non-British immigrant sector of Australia's immigration intake. You walk around any of our cities or even country towns and Chinese Australians are as obvious as any other Australians [Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Burmese ...]
China does not need Marco Polos. China needs simply to be square and honest and to cut the crap as we all see through the bulldust. China does not need marco Polos. China needs to relax and enjoy us as we enjoy China.

China Daily
21 Nov 2010

Chinese may be Romans or may be Irish?

LANZHOU - Anthropologists are looking into the possibility that some European-looking Chinese in Northwest China are the descendants of a lost army from the Roman Empire.

They probably are Irish descendants as we all know the Irish have no idea where they are going so they may have travelled to China in an effort to reach Dublin!

China Daily
21 Nov 2010

Ether of Digitalis for ESL Teacher

Our ships passed in the ether of digitalis, and with the passage, certain nuances were not as audacious as perhaps they may have been.

My classroom time has been, beneath the canopy of tutelage, the basic steel of my structure. My methodology has been framed around Cambridge text and the British model of classroom behaviour.

Our classrooms have been as small as one and as large as one hundred and forty. Hence my cryptic allusion to comedy. I would have expanded upon the extraordinary and difficult-to-comprehend story of my times in Botswana and Papua New Guinea. In Botswana I had to develop a township for 400 adults and their dependants, and from this to build a school, construct a curriculum that faintly adhered to a non-existent national education platform, and to take barely educated local Botswanans and train them to be teachers. This was my added responsibility as the general manager of Chobe Five Star Game Lodge.

You can't glibly categorise this experience under headings.

I have been successful because I do not fit the normal bill nor do I carry the slothful baggage of textbook exhaustion.

My time as an assistant to learning and growing can hardly be differentiated upon the basis of university or primary school classrooms. I do know that the energy required to manage a classroom of fifty four year olds is equivalent to a marathon. And I do know that not once in my time in front of young learners, not one of them has cried. That is something to crow abou

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magistrate codes his racist thinking

Send a clear message to what community? I says nothing to me and to my community. The local Kooris aren't affected by it all. Who, then, is the clear message intended? Is not this in itself racist if not segmentist or simply bigoted when the only community logically that would be affected would be the community that has among its numbers people who wear burqas. If this is so, then why couldn't the magistrate honestly and without coded words say that Muslims have been sent a 'clear message'.

Daily Telegraph
19 Nov 2010

Papua New Guinea: More Smiles than Anywhere Else in the World

There is more rape and murder in Sydney than in all of PNG, wantok. There is more violence in South Africa than in POM. I lived in the Highlands for long time and I never had trouble with anyone. I saw plenty tribal fight, plenty fait blo spak, plenty fights between man na meri na between meri na meri. Tasol displa samting ol i stap nating. There are more smiles in PNG than in any other country and I have seen the world.

19 Nov 2010

Israeli Bullshit

The Israelis have replaced the bulldozer with bullshit. Another example of a duplicitous nation hellbent on ruining everyone's lives so that uncaring Zionists can live fat on Arab land.

19 Nov 2010

China and India: Two Giants Ill at Ease with Each Other

Adrian Keefe
China may appear to be seen as aggressive but its actions are consistent with a truly independent stance. For years others have stood on China's toes without fear of retaliation; but economic imperatives and a nation more hooked onto the world via the media and Internet have made this sort of behaviour unwise today. India has its own behavioural disabilities and thrashes out at Pakistan or Britain or Australia or anyone whom it considers worthy of Indian wrath. The US idea that supply of nuclear material to India is an act that helps to perpetuate peace is fraught with danger.

18 Nov 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Roberta Bobbi Sykes RIP

I was a good friend of Bobbi Sykes from the early days of Kings Cross. I was the DJ at the Sound Lounge in 1962 until 1963. Bobbi was a humane lady. I spent 1969 in Townsville and Bobbi and her family treated me as one of them. It made army life with 2RAR a little more acceptable.
When I returned from South Africa in 1977 with my son whom I abducted from apartheid, I first went to Bobbi as she was the only one with whom I had history. Bobbi was inspirational and I will miss her. My heart goes out to Indigenous Australia and to Bobbi's family.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bush Paranoia and Death of Muslims

My point is that Bush's bias against Muslims, even to the point of extreme paranoia, was not opposed by the majority of Americans. But if Bush campaigned militarily against Christians and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Christians, especially Protestant Christians, then the American people would have stopped him before he got too far.
Syarif's post was illustrative of the lack of concern Bush had with the concept of other peoples' death. As Texas Governor Bush executed many many many humans when he could have commuted their sentences to imprisonment.
Water torture was okayed by Bush but against Muslims not Christians.
So, to conclude, that Bush could easily have an innicent man executed comes as no surprise given that Bush caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.
Hope you understand.

Nov 16 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Uncle Charlie Moran and Forbidden Language of Bunjalung

Posted by Caoimh from Bulldog, New South Wales
15 November 2010 9:32 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

Uncle Charlie Moran knows his stuff. I wish I had school learning of an Aboriginal language. There are so many of them and it is our loss that so many have been lost due to imperial commands to cease communicating in Indigenous languages. That edict was one of the Empire's and later Australia's most damaging clamps on Aboriginal civilisation.

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General rules of language transference

I am not writing necessarily about you, Syarif, but about general rules of language transference [communication and adopting language traits from others]. We ALL are subject to these influences. I resist Americanisms in my speech and language. I therefore am resistant to manipulation. I don't adopt readily every silly buzz word that happens along via American media [TV, Films etc]
Also peculiar is a peculiar word; when it is written as I have written it, it means that your language is yours and yours alone, and no one can tell you or influence your language unless you allow it consciously or unconsciously.

Nov 15, 2010

Power and Language

Adrian Keefe 14 November at 22:14

British English is adopting many Americanisms ... as has Oz. It is due mainly to power relationships among media and those groups who are able to manipulate media. Murdoch has as much influence in UK as in OZ and US. It is under his tutelage that language structures are manipulated. Sentences are reduced to fit headlines and TB metronomic cadences. What is said and how it is said and at what time it is said all contribute to how we are allowed to think and with what words.
Thus your English is peculiar only to you. Your English is unique and contains elements of language that you select whether consciously or unconsciously. Your understanding of how you speak reflects how gullible you are to influence or how resistant you are to manipulation.

Nov 14 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just about everything the state of Israel does these days is disgusting

I used to like the idea of Israel in my post-Exodus years. But Israel itself has destroyed my illusion. Just about everything the state of Israel does these days is disgusting. I will not list the indignities and murders committed by Israelis ... all in the name of 'the world owes us' mentality.

Haaretz [Israel]
11 November 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama's visit to Indonesia is welcomed by people

Indonesian students protest against Obama's visit
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Roman Zsciesvski 2010-11-09 09:42
From my observation here in Indonesia, there is a very big show of support for Obama's visit among villagers and small business people. This is from conversation I have had during the past few days.

China is weak compared to Oz generosity

You think that is news? A few dollars over a million bucks? Australia, with a small population of 22 million, against China's 1.4 billion, has given Indonesia $AUD1.5 billion in the past few years. Now this is something to write about!

China Daily
9 Nov 2010

China is blowing its own deadly balloon

I think that Mrs Clinton is right on this important matter. I have lived in China six years recently and the change in attitude toward the rest of the world is noticeable. It is on the street, in the queues and on the buses where ordinary people express themselves without incurring the wrath of officialdom in China. But it is in these bouts of expression do we outsiders [laowai] witness just what is happening in China. And it is like watching a balloon being blown up and we are waiting for it to burst. If they keep blowing, it will burst and we will be covered in it.

The Australian
9 Nov 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Support a school for English education in Enga PNG

A few of us will establish a school for English education in Enga. This not for profit venture is in response to the unfortunately low results these past years at the national level. We need support and we need teachers who want to teach English. We are Australian and PNG educators with international experience. Contact me at either or at or write to me at PO Box 941 Goroka EHP

PNGScape Nov 7 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hu Jintao has support of Chinese People

Hu Jintao is powerful because he has the support of the Chinese people. It is as simple as that. If he did not do his job properly, the people would not support him. We all would know about it. But Hu Jintao clearly is popular and has with Wen Jiabao, brought China to the world of peace and prosperity and, I may add, happiness.

China Daily
6 Nov 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

China kicks off the kick off

Kick off is a term used to describe the start of a game of football. China Daily has for the past five years kicked off every event that had merely begun or started. It is sufficient to write that President Hu arrived for a three day State visit. He doesn't have to kick off anything. It is a trait that is irritating to readers of your fine news medium and it is a useless group of words.

China Daily
5 November 2010

Greg Inglis wants to be a Frog @ to bokkalexander
show details 10:47 (55 minutes ago)

Your comment has been published:

Go Greg Go! Go where your life is happier. Become a Frog!

To view your comment online go to:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twice two-timed by two time

Whatever happened to triple and twice and double? All we see and hear nowadays is three time and two time.

Reductionism increases its pernicious affect upon our way of thinking.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I own the Diaoyu Islands

I keep telling everybody but nobody listens: I own those islands. I bought them from a Japanese sailor in 1956. I still have his receipt. I forget what name he gave these islands but they're not very big, only as big as a garbage can, if that! So if the Chinese and the Japanese would stop to listen to me they'd understand that it's my turf they're squabbling about and it's time they shook hands and came to my place for a spot of tea.

China Daily
31 Oct 2010

Who would want to knock China?

China's Oz connection is valuable to China as Oz is well placed to mediate between China and the US. We Aussies who know China love China. It's as simple as that. We are in a good position to sort out differences that are largely caused by mis-perceptions and not by actuality. We love China because it is a good place full of good people. Who would want to knock China? Only the ignorant and the pathetically-natured would want to spoil things for China and its friends such as Oz.

China Daily
31 Oct 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

How Pathetic is China nowadays?

I wish I were part of the perfect society as China seems to be claiming for itself. I wish I were so gifted that I would have perfection. With such perfection no other being would compare with me. I wonder why China is so stroppy. What a load of shit this kerfuffle about some spots of land that pop up in the ocean. You can't farm them; you can't live on them. What is the use other than to claim them as your own. How pathetic!

China Daily
30 Oct 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tariq Aziz: Why should he now be killed?

This is pathetic! Indeed, what purpose? If I had been Aziz I would have resisted the Yanks to the death. For this he is being murdered? Or did he do something really bad? If he did, he still should not be put to death. The world has to begin to show kindness. Tariq Aziz must be kept alive.

China Daily
27 Oct 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

JOHN HOWARD: Shoe thrown at him

I take it that the protester was figuratively telling Howard to 'shoo'? But the voters had done that to Howard a few years ago.

Daily Telegraph
26th Oct 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

China's legal System is a JOKE!!!!!

I went to a lawyer in Huangshi to take an employer to court for abuse of contract law. The lawyer continued to represent me until he found out that my employer was a senior member of the Party. After that, the lawyer dropped my case. This is a legal system? Hahaha... you are joking!

China Daily
24 Oct 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

No one can believe the Chinese any more

What utter crap! China has not mentioned the fact that the Chinese managers shot eleven Zambian workers. Yes, shot them! That is why Africa is getting sick of China. It's the lies. No one can believe the Chinese any more.

China Daily
23 Oct 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Chinese managers opened fire and shot eleven Zambian workers. The workers were protesting against pay and conditions at this Chinese managed mine in Zambia. The two Chinese managers are under arrest for murder and attempted murder. This is very big news in Africa where millions are annoyed by Chinese attitudes toward dark people.

China Daily
22 Oct 2010


Well we saw Dutch Courage in Srebrenica when they allowed Ratko Mladic to murder 7000 Muslim boys and men. Where did the term 'Dutch Courage' emanate from if not from a history of failed bravery?

Daily Telegraph
22 Oct 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

China's Farce

Now that the new China is on the road again with the Plenum's usual vague pronouncement, we may see a slight loosening of the iron grip that holds China together. Or is that asking too much? China is a country whose Premier and President have no real power. Chins seems to be governed in secret because what Liu Xiaobo wanted was a mere opening up and a sense of accountability introduced for the first time into China's politics. Oh! Hang on! That's what Wen Jiabao asked for in his CNN interview, an interview that has not been published so far in his own country. What a farce!

China Daily
20 October 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will we see brutality in Beijing's streets again?

The convicted man said much the same as Wen Jiabao said during his famous interview with CNN recently. Is the Chinese Premier in jail? What is the matter with China? Has it gone mad again?
Will we revisit Tienanmen again and see brutality in Beijing streets again? Will the China Daily publish this letter? How open is Wen's China?

China Daily
13 Oct 2010

Hey Hey is Great for a Laugh!

All of us up here in Tabulam [Northern Rivers NSW] get together and have a great laugh when Hey Hey is on.'s old hat but so are we!

Daily telegraph
13 Oct 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

I nominate Premier Wen Jiabao for Nobel Peace Prize

I nominate Premier Wen Jiabao for doing more for world peace than anyone else on earth.

Mr Wen is a man of peace. I have been to China six times since 2004 and with each stay I have become more impressed by
Wen Jiabao. His touch with ordinary Chinese marks him as a special human.

I wish the world knew more of this remarkable man.

I am 6th generation Australian. I wrote my thesis on Mao Zhu Xi in 1968.

To me, Wen ranks up there with Mao.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poor Miss Ritchie can't act

Poor Miss Ritchie can't act. She was a cute kid in Summer Bay. Then she grew up and everyone realised the cute kid can't act. She still can't act. I could see how the show was drifting, with more and more characters taking up more and more screen time and poor Miss Ritchie was just about side-lined.

Daily Telegraph
11 Oct 2010

The horrors of war serve to connect her with war and to soften the sense of betrayal.

Talking with strangers can be so palliatively palliative. Catholics do it with strange priests and people on planes yak sometimes to each other when the mood strikes. I have never been to a hairdresser... Been cutting my own hair for 40 years ... Yes. It certainly shows!

The horror syndrome catches up with its prey in all cases and ***** will be having her share of the horrors. They manifest themselves in both familiar and strange manner, and no one seems to have the all-encompassing method for alleviating the horrors...all we have are palliatives and maybe a few more hairdressers are what ***** may need ... at even the most ludicrous of pregnancy demanding sugar at the odd hours of the night!

I know that many soldiers retreat from civilian life... I have been in both the navy and the army and I have that awkward contempt for the way civilians fuck things up. There is a gulf that returning soldiers must jump if there is to be a connection with civilian life. It's the job of you two and *****' friends to absorb as much of her horror without being patronising. Then she can connect without that sense of betraying her fellow soldiers who remain in the field. The horrors serve to connect her with war and to soften the sense of betrayal.

Returning soldiers suffer the break from their war; it's withdrawal symptoms resemble the melancholy of the drug addict's withdrawal. They must be reassured that they have done their duty and that the nation supports them and their fellow soldiers who remain in the field. This is what civilians do not understand:

***** has undergone a double whammy of duty... To be there and to experience the results of being be at war! She has seen the tragedy at its most solemn and its impact will be indelible.

I feel for you blokes now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We who act as whores are strays of society

What's wrong with you? KAK is absolutely right ... spot on! The way you people write, you'd think that women have no libido. Men and women are whores and there's nothing wrong with that. It's our nature. If KAK wishes to accurately describe some of us as strays then that is what we are ... strays. We stray from the path of sensible behaviour and if our whorish nature takes over then we act as strays. So be it.

Sunday Telegraph
10 Oct 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

NSW Police use Tasers and Capsicum Spray as 'punishment'

A recent report on police use of Tasers and capsicum spray indicated that police use these instruments as 'punishment'. I thought that punishment was the sole prerogative of the courts. So many of us ordinary blokes have witnessed police 'over-kill' where it is so obvious the police are not trained in dealing with human beings.

Daily Telegraph
5 Oct 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Clive Derby-Lewis Unconditionally and Immediately

This is happening in South Africa today? I don't believe it. I thought barbarity was a thing of the past. What sort of justice can allow what has happened to Clive Derby Lewis to happen? Irrespective of what has happened since 1993, the lack of medical supervision of any prisoner in any jail in any country cannot be justified under any pretext. Irrespective of what has happened since 1993: Is this sort of behaviour the sort of behaviour that Chris Hani himself would have sanctioned? Today?
If this state-sannctioned barbarity were to be uncovered in any decent country with decent laws, then Clive Derby Lewis would, if he were found to be in similar circumstances therein, immediately and unconditionally freed

Mail & Guardian
26 September 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There are many Indians who are not corrupt @ to me
show details 07:21 (31 minutes ago)

Your comment has been published:

India is in a mess and it is a shame. There are many Indians who are not corrupt.

To view your comment online go to:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is the crux of what happened to me. On the face of it, I received 'smiling' words from the Sehgals. As I have written previously, I pulled out of the negotiations due to the whisper in the mind [intuitive] that all was not right, that I was being played with. Despite my telling Sehgal not to contact me further, he phoned again and again until I relented and re-entered negotiations. It was at this point that Rajesh Sehgal agreed to pre-pay my wife's airfare from Oz to Shaoxing. Yes, even my wife, All those doubters should take note: it is more common than you think for employers to pre-pay return airfares for teachers. You can imagine my doubts and my eagerness to begin the process of building a school. This dichotomy lingered and prodded me into periods of doubt but I persisted with Rajesh and his wife Mini until four days before departure when they let me know I was too old. For the record, Sanguine is correct. I have worked in Zhejiang previously, and at the same old age, and I obtained a Z visa without any problem. At the age of 65! So, this makes Rajesh Sehgal and his wife liars or they themselves have allowed themselves to be duped. But then, why would the Chinese authorities dupe the Sehgals? Nope! The plain truth is that the Sehgals could get a DOS for much less a salary than that contracted with me.


This is my point, Turnoi. If anyone cared to look carefully, one can see salaries of RMB26000 for teachers who haven't half ...nay, a tenth of my teaching experience, my knowledge of my language and my ability to excite students in the art of communications. There is a good article in yesterday's Washington Post: Goodbye to English [or words to that effect]. The author laments the death of English in America. Horray! Most of my fellow teachers who emanate from the US have language problems. They know very little of structural English. My fellow Aussies are the same: frankly, quite hopeless. They can't parse a sentence, let alone know what a sentence is. Very few have read any of the standard literature texts; they excel in contemporary street-speak, and this is not conducive to an understanding of our language and how to excite others with language. I wrote a book using street language as direct speech and I was criticised academically for the 'gutter atmosphere' I created. My point again is that I know street talk, but I also know that without structure and definition, language becomes meaningless [literally]. I gather then, if language has become meaningless, that when Rajesh Sehgal tells me something, he is telling me something altogether different from what I believe he is saying or was saying.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Rajesh Sehgal is a business person involved in Shaoxing's textile industry. His wife, Mini, came up with a very good idea to institute an international school for dependants of expatriate employees from countries such as Korea, India etc. This school is to be attached to a larger mainly Chinese school. Rajesh admits of no interest in the formation of the school other than to facilitate education. Once off the ground and running, the school would manage itself, so to speak. At that stage, Rajesh Sehgal's interest in the school would cease. At least that is what Rajesh told me to get me on side. We signed contracts and I have official letter to obtain F visa [Business visa]. I also have the F visa valid for entry until November for 90 days. Rajesh wanted me in Shaoxing in August so as to have my input to marketing material such as promotions with my nomenclature and personal appearances etc. All very standard when starting a school. Then the relationship took on a quirky personality, as if Dr Jekyll had become Mr Hyde. As I have written, four days before due departure date, Rajesh emailed me a Dear John....alas! I am too old ... suddenly I had aged from the previous week. I had to laugh. But what gets me is the fact that Rajesh didn't have enough guts to say he was stabbing me in the back. Imagine my life here at home; the preparations [my wife was to join me in Shaoxing and Rajesh had supplied her also with letter for residence as spouse of F visa holder] had been completed and my large family of five adult children [chadults we call them] and their respective lives ... suddenly ... no warning....all the preparations were to no avail.
What can we do but to warn others [and I have been to China six times as well as other lands] to check, re-check and then doubt all your findings until they become established facts, verified, substantiated and ,,,whatever else you can say.[/big][bold][/bold]
It is an interesting item via Google that from Shaoxing emanates 60% of global Internet malware.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aussie Muslims have right to wear as they wish @ to me
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Muslims can cover their bodies without causing me discomfort as I understand Islam. I think it is beholden upon us to discover why Muslims wear hijab; maybe we might begin to understand and to cease fearing the Australian behind the cloth. Remember, non-Catholic Australians feared the Papacy years ago.

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show details 08:37 (32 minutes ago)

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This is what we have been waiting for ... someone else to do what we should have done ages ago. I will submit my novel RANE which is based on real life events that inspired The Stolen Generations.

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Aussie Muslims have right to wear as they wish

Muslims can cover their bodies without causing me discomfort as I understand Islam. I think it is beholden upon us to discover why Muslims wear hijab; maybe we might begin to understand and to cease fearing the Australian behind the cloth. Remember, non-Catholic Australians feared the Papacy years ago.

Daily Telegraph
20 September 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oz parents need discipline training @ to me
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A year or tow in the army might help. Parents have no idea of discipline. In fact, send the parents off to the army for a few weekends.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Oz and China: Vital Friendship

China is most important to Australia. As we have a sizeable Chinese-Australian population it is only natural that our two countries link together for our mutual benefit. Long live the China Australia connection!

China Daily
18 September 2010

China's Citizens must be respected by China Law

It is important for citizens' expressions of satisfaction and dissatisfaction are to be heard and respected. Are not the laws and the police put into place for the sole purpose of protecting citizens from abuse, whether from the State itself or from private enterprise?

China Daily
18 September 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

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I wish them success. The atmosphere in Croatia must pervade and invade their lives; it would be a miracle were Croatian police to locate they who are responsible for Britt's fate.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am Australian and I have worked most of my life outside of Oz. I prefer it this way. I have built schools in remote and economically poor lands that ironically burst with precious humanity. It is this precious humanity that draws me into these places. It is the learning of their languages, their ways of thinking and how they manage the earth. Imagine landing in an otherwise unoccupied place where there is no infrastructure and no intrusion of the US, the UN, China or Russia; just a few adventurers keen to help.
But after four decades I decided to move to China where my initial job was at a mere RMB5000 pm. My second job in China really awakened me to the avarice of Chinese in the academic sphere. It was not the laoshi but the 'leaders', that pathetic nomenclature for Communist Party Apparatchiks, who stole enrolment fees from poorly paid rural workers who together managed to send one of two lads from their impoverished village. This woke me up quickly.
After working as DOS in Oman and Bangladesh and China itself I decided that because I am working in China instead of Saudi Arabia or UAE [where salaries are higher than in China] I should not necessarily and automatically downgrade my salary expectations. The profit that franchises such as EF, Webb, Disney et al manage to extract from their businesses is indicative of how capitalism has gripped China by the throat. It has squeezed so hard that the Chinese have been mentally and spiritually starved of their own humanity. Why then should I help these creatures become more obscenely rich?
Rajesh Sehgal of Shaoxing International School contacted me. I didn't apply to run his school. He asked me what my salary expectations were. I told him. RMB20000 plus pre-paid airfares and decent accommodation plus insurance etc and all the things that should go with the job. It suited this charlatan to have me on his books, to be able to publicise my being school principal while he was inviting enrolment from all and sundry. He printed brochures with photos of me and my wife emblazoned brightly. Meanwhile, this surreptitious creep had engaged Gold Star Recruiting's Jim Altrans to advertise for someone else at a much cheaper salary [RMB12000pm] and only three days before my intended departure from Oz to Zhongguo, and after I had emailed him several times, did he enlighten me as to his staggering duplicity.
Age! Bullshit! I was in China earlier in the year, in the same province, with no age hassles to bar me from working on a Z visa.
Rajesh Sehgal cannot disguise his duplicitous nature nor can he hide from his shame.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

China Slave Market for Laowai Laoshi

Talk about slave market for laowai laoshi ... I feel not right when I go to collect my pay and there alongside me, in the queue, is my academic supervisor [Asst Dean] waiting to pick up his paltry salary of RMB2500 while I lick my lips lasciviously as I collect my huge salary. This is the China malady where the white face can pull in more parental suckers for the avaricious meanies who run the institution. In my second term of employment at a China university the Dean and the Communist Party Secretary purposefully over-enrolled students from the typical poor rural climes. That being so, when O Week began, the university had to turn away hundreds of students due to this chicanery. Parents were obviously livid and the police were called in to stop the riot. Months later, the self-same Dean and his Party Apparatchik were arrested, gaoled and stripped of all Party privileges. I was left to run the English show. I demanded and received a tripling of my salary and since then I have never accepted anything lower than my value to the institution.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Alan Jones is one in a million. Who else can go from Rugby Grand Slam to 2GB and make the transition so smoothly? He's always interesting; he's always clued up on any subject and he'll always check up on what's wrong with our society.

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Ivan Milat has more honour than Rajesh Sehgal

Ivan Milat ...serial killer extraordinaire ... Belanglo Forest grave digger ... mate, didn't get your email, otherwise would have replied to such a notorious murderer. How many did you kill, anyway, mate? Anyway, let me bring you up to date about dear little Rajesh Sehgal. He contacted me by email and immediately offered me the job of starting his new school for international primary kids in Shaoxing. He asked me my salary. I told him RMB20000 plus airfare prepaid and accommodation for me and wo de laopo. He came back and offered RMB18000 and I accepted after more haggling. But we had a contract signed and I bought my F visa which was to be changed to Z when in Zhongguo. Then things started to smell fishy...and a couple of times I demurred about the job but Rajesh Sehgal always came back and convinced me that he was a fabulous fellow and that I could always trust him. But there was that nagging feeling that this bloke was promising things too easily, too quickly and I smelled a rat. Anyway, it is a long story and a week before due to fly out Rajesh booked my flight [he was paying] and told me to pack. Three days before flight time I still hadn't received my ticket and I emailed Rajesh a couple of times until three days before departure he emailed me to say I was too old. I then perused the job pages and saw all the adverts for my job... at a salary of RMB12000.. I even received an email from Jim Altrans of Gold Star Recruiting, advising me to apply for the job I already had. I emailed Rajesh and he bullshitted me ...Oh no, Mr Adrian, that was a mistake. Ho ho ho! Then the email that I was too old. I would have been more impressed were Rajesh to have told me he couldn't afford me. But then Rajesh Sehgal is a liar, a cheat and cannot be trusted. Shaoxing International School ...I wish them luck but with Rajesh Sehgal at the helm, I doubt it.


Alan Jones is one in a million. Who else can go from Rugby Grand Slam to 2GB and make the transition so smoothly? He's always interesting; he's always clued up on any subject and he'll always check up on what's wrong with our society.

Daily Telegraph
12 September 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oakeshott loves the stage @ to me

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Mr Oakeshott is an actor who loves his stage

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Monday, September 6, 2010

I will play for Manly if there's no one else!

Adrian Caoimh of Tabulam NSW Posted at 6:02 AM Today

Hey! I used to live and work in Manly. I'll play if there's no one else! I was a damned good prop in my day a million years ago.

Comment 8 of 40
Daily Telegraph
7 Sept 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Date: 4 September 2010

Some months ago, out of the blue, after I had posted my resume on ESLTEACHERSBOARD, Rajesh Sehgal contacted me and without ado offered me the job as Principal/DOS/Administrator of the Shaoxing International School. It's a long story, but I was due to fly to Shaoxing this coming Wednesday, and I had not been given my air flight ticket number by Rajesh. I emailed a few times and eventually, late last night, Rajesh emailed me to inform me that I was too old. After all this time; after months of negotiations; after I had my Business Visa, Rajesh Sehgal decides that I am too old. Suddenly I had become a too old person...suddenly ...
Do not trust Rajesh Sehgal.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Aussie Police Worst THUGS and CRIMINALS

Bring senior police to book. If their lives are scrutinised maybe the lower ranks of the thugs may wake up to themselves. As it stands, anyone who identifies him or herself as police immediately create an atmosphere of threat. This is the nature of our police in that we simply do not like or trust them as a body of people.

Daily Telegraph
4 September 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

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And it was Howard's lies that helped shove Oz into this infernal carnage.

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I don't agree with younger Finch about his father but I do concur with his comments re Gallop. What surprises me is that Gallop is STILL in his job. Gallop should have gone long long ago. He is the boss. It is he not Finch who should be removed from our game's administration.

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Your comment has been published:

I don't agree with younger Finch about his father but I do concur with his comments re Gallop. What surprises me is that Gallop is STILL in his job. Gallop should have gone long long ago. He is the boss. It is he not Finch who should be removed from our game's administration.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oz Local Governments Require Supervision

Posted by Caoimh from Bulldog, New South Wales
02 September 2010 9:32 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

At least with the present set up Councils are ultimately responsible to the State Government. Remove the State and to whom will Councils be responsible? They are autocratic enough as it now stands, without enlarging their arrogance and smug self-satisfaction.

Northern Star
2 Sept 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Who cares? Many of us have stopped caring for our game since Finch, Harrigam, Hamstead et al took over management of each game and spoiled Rugby League for many thousands of devoted League supporters. Now they want to replace Finch with people who are no better.

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Finch Pinch in RL @ to me
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Your comment has been published:

We'll apologise when they [Manly]apologise for their errors. Well said, Robert Finch. Your statement clearly shows us how inept, how pathetic, how puerile your mind is. What a nonsensical statement for the Referees Boss to make. It's like two little kids in the playground ... one of them Finch ... and they have run out of logic.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mosque Ground Zero

Reply to all
Paul Guthrie ✆ to me
show details 11:33 (17 minutes ago)
You are right, furthermore it is in violation of the constitution which guarantees freedom of religion, but hypocrisy is daily fare in this country, especially among those who would claim to be patriots, defending the constitution with their last drop o9f blood, or so they claim. Freedom, democracy, bullshit.
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On Aug 22, 2010, at 6:27 PM, Adrian Keefe wrote:

Reporting from Beirut — The heated debate across America over construction of the so-called ground zero mosque is reverberating across the globe, with the potential of creating a worldwide black eye for the United States.

This is from your paper the LA Times ... and it is true. The backlash against America, not just against those protesting against the mosque, is growing dangerously and it disfigures the war effort in Afghanistan and other makes our white skin repulsive to many more and more around the world.

For fuck's sake, Obama's right on this...and Americans shud support him


Australian Democracy in a Shambolic State

This is where our so-called democracy is a shambles. Australians pitted against Australians in a never-ending struggle for political ascendancy. Yet the policies of the major opposing parties vary little from each other. It is all about power and Australia is lessened by this contretemps.

China Daily
23 August 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heroic Chinese During Floods

We watched in awe in Australia the coverage on CCTV4 [We receive daily CCTV4 on our SBS channel] as heroic men and women worked to save one another in the unbelievably dangerous flood waters. The TV work was superb and it shows the dedication of Chinese people toward one another. We were reduced to tears. The train wreck ... what unendurably difficult conditions, but the Chinese people were undeterred. We Australians have the highest admiration ... jing pei.

China Daily
22 August 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010


Wo shi Laoshi. I am Australian and I encourage students not to smoke. I plead with university authorities to put a stop to smoking on campus, in the hallways between classes, in the dorms. But no! Most bosses [leaders] are smokers. The onkly way to reduce smoking is by law. It takes courage to implement laws that impact upon personal freedoms. But smoking is not purely personal; ewe all smoke when someone near to us smokes. This is analogous to assault; it is criminal to blow poison into another's air space, and this is exactly what smoking is. Poison!

China Daily
21 August 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rugby League: Run by Idiots and Buffoons

Firstly, we need intelligent people for the roles of referees. So far, the blokes in the middle with the spittle have showed that they are idiots and/or corrupt. I know of few men who consistently display ineptitude of the magnitude of today's RL refs. We viewers of our game sit back and weekly watch refs spoil the game of Rugby League [they are no better in Rugby, mind you]. We bitch, we shout, we write and complain and yet the buffoons at League HQ still think that what they decide is brilliant. How delusional of them.

Daily Telegrraph
18 Aug 2010

Telegraph is Fostering Belief in Presidential Oz

Who will I vote for on Saturday? Definitely not Gillard or Abbott. What a silly poll for the Telegraph to run. Does the Telegraph think that all of us readers live in either of two electorates? My electorate doesn't have an Abbott or a Gillard, so how on earth can I vote for either of them? The Telegraph has fostered this stupid belief that we vote for leaders as if we were in a presidential political system.

Daily Telegraph
18 August 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We need to do more to help Pakistan

And we need to do more and more until our Pakistani comrades are free from all this disaster and pain. We Australians grieve when the world is inhospitable and cruel and our neighbours suffer. We gave a billion dollars to Indonesia after the tsunami and we could have given more. Now we need to keep giving to Pakistan until the pain is eased.

Pakistan Daily
16 August 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Degradation of English Language in the West

August 15, 2010 - 9:32 am

Good one, Mr Berry. It is refreshing to read a good sentence or three. Cameron epitomises the degradation of the English language in Western countries. Cameron also symbolises the lack of attention to detail that pervades our societies. Most of our leaders are morons and we too are idiots for allowing this to be.

Pakistan daily
15 August 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

China's Love Hate Thing for the Yanks

Totally agree with the writer. There is one thing I don't get about Chinese people: it's their ambivalence toward the United States of America. On the one hand this article shows a rather negative attitude toward the US while on the other hand General Liu Yazhou declared that China must either embrace US-style democracy or accept Soviet-style collapse. Which is it? Which of the love/hate dichotomy prevails? Do Chinese love the Yanks or hate them?
NB: General Liu was promoted recently from deputy political commissar of the PLA Air Force to political commissar of the National Defence University. His father was a senior military officer and his father-in-law was Li Xiannian, one of Chinese communism's ''Eight Immortals'' - and a one-time president of China.

China Daily
14 August 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Queensland:Stay at home if you value your money

We live in NSW and hardly travel north to Qld. Recently my car used the Gateway Bridge and the driver saw the toll notices by the roadside. Upon return to NSW we emailed Qld Roads to find out how to pay the toll. We had no idea! When you're alone in your car and you are required to remember a telephone number, it is fairly difficult if you don't break the law by writing it down as you drive and it's hard to pull over on those tollways to find a pen and paper to write the number down. Anyway,Qld Roads replied [and note that I emailed only two days after my car had used the Gateway]and had already stuck $40 admin fee on top of the toll of a couple of dollars. I replied to say this was not right, that I had contacted within 3 days. I was then told that the toll was a money making instrument and I would have to pay. I wrote to Anna Bligh. She handed my letter to Minister for Roads who shoved it down the pipeline and I was then eventually billed another $140 for not paying the toll on time,
So much for Queensland!
Won't be travelling in your state again. Never!

Couruer mail
12 August 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Australia's Shrinking Brain

Hi you westies ...

I think it's concomitant with the shrinking brain... maintaining that which the larger brain created has become too much for the shrinking brain. Yes, return to gravel. It's aa bit solemn, similar to ashes to ashes sort of thing...religious certainty that all things decay...yea entropy...go team!

I read daily that which emanates from China and the thrall that held China captive for decades is disappearing and the reality of bankrupt America is actually hurting the Chinese... the cracking of the Disney façade...the Chinese don't want to witness a dying yankeeland.

We have our application before our local council and after two months I am almost washing my reliance upon their approval to go ahead...we're half way done already...we need a place to live...

any nation that elects John Howard and George Bush and the like... well, it's easy to see what kind of a nation does that kind of lunacy..

and we live with gravel out here... when we get to town we all stand around shaking our heads...all of us.... it's the gravel road that makes us do it



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Telegraph: Home to Pathetic English Spelling

Oh here we go again with another hopeless Telegraph Journo showing how ignorant of English he is. Brother! Pronouns following prepositions take objective case. It's easy, mate. Do you say:"...pairing of he ..."? No! Just because there are two pronouns does not mean you change the him to he. The correct way to write that sentence is:..."pairing of him and flyer Nathan ..."
You can blame the Yanks and you can blame pathetic sycophantic Aussie teachers for not bringing you up to date with English.

Daily Telegraph
9 August 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rudd and Gillard 2010

What else could KR do? What Rudd is doing is exactly what I would do were I faced with similar circumstances. Gillard nor Rudd is the Labor Party. It has a similar ring to the Caine Mutiny where Capt Queeg lost his command to conniving back room players who used Lt Merrick as their instrument of mutiny. I wonder who the Keefers are within the Labor Party!

The Australian
6 August 2010

China's English is Tops

I have been teaching English in Zhongguo for many years and I can attest to the fact that Chinese students of English have a stronger grasp of grammar than their Western counterparts. Chinese teachers of English prepare their students in a way that would challenge Western teachers to improve their own methodologies. I am proud to be a part of the English Revolution in China.

China Daily
6 August 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Like rancid butter, we colonials are viewed by England as less than wholesome

The Poms exist in a neo-post-colonial world, if you get what I mean. When we colonials dare to step outside the shadow of regal England, we are viewed as something less than wholesome, like rancid butter. When our people are pestered by England to join them in whatever war they are waging, we are treated to pomp and ceremony and our brotherhood is extolled beyond sanity. But should we baulk and hesitate and aver that something is wrong with the way England is behaving, then we are held in the same league as ... you know what I mean.

Pakistan Daily
4 August 2010

Israeli Soldiers Cause Flare Up at Lebanon Border

Israeli soldiers tried to cut a tree down within Lebanon's territory. Lebanese soldiers fired upon these Israelis and the killing began. Who began the fight? The border violators or the Lebanese who fired upon them? Think about it!

4 August 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Israel's Sheer Hypocrisy

Israel continues to abuse the sympathy that aroused the world after the Holocaust. Israel continues to behave exactly as the Nazis behaved toward the Jews. The big problem is that so many people are afraid to criticise Israel for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism. Shimon Peres has just accused Britain of being anti-Semitic because the UK PM spoke his mind about the horrors of Israel's blockade of Gaza. What sheer hypocrisy!
2 August 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oz Police Arrogant to the point of Criminal

Police need a complete overhaul to root out the culture of arrogance and superiority. As an ex-police officer I have witnessed police breaking the law with impunity. I have witnessed corruption, the likes we citizens could never understand. I have witnessed police violence that should have landed particular police in jail had they been ordinary citizens. The police feel they are a law unto themselves. Perhaps this culture prevents police from behaving as they should, rather than as they shouldn't.

Daily Telegraph
29 July 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Deng and being rich

Hey! You get too rich and all the others want to stick it to you. Mr Deng didn't realise how much a hassle being rich can be, After all, the little bloke who starred as a military planner during the war against the Japanese [1937-45], but he never experienced being rich. If he had, then maybe his exhortation for Chinese to get rich may have been tempered by a warning to beware of others who get jealous.

People's Daily
27 July 2010

Dalai Lama or Daily Lama

Gee! I thought the Dalai Lama was Australian. He virtually lives in my homeland ... that's why we call him the Daily Lama because he's in Oz almost every day.

China Daily
27 July 2010

South China Sea or US lake?

South China Sea . Hmmmm. I have been searching these words for some reference to the United States. Hmmmm. Nope! Not there. Only China. What's the US got to do with the South China Sea?

China Daily
27 July 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rugby League Referees ... again!

Bill 'Cement Truck' Harrigan was the most arrogant and controversial of our referees and he now has the temerity to tell us to stop criticising his charges. Mick Stone was the last of the decent referees and he's been gone for more than a decade. That means that for all this time Rugby League has been determined by referees and management who basically are themselves sub-standard

Daily Telegraph
23 July 2010

China off the Florida Coast?

China should cooperate with Cuba to hold naval exercises off the Florida coast. Boy! Would we then see American feathers fly!

China Daily
23 July 2010

Vociferous Clanger in China Daily

TV programs tailored to satisfy youth
Comments on this article For more discussions,please go to the forum

ADRIAN KEEFE 2010-07-22 16:05
Dinning out? What a vociferous clanger! Favourite is exactly that: favourite. There is only one. When there are more than one, all of whom have equal status, they are favoured and you can say most favoured. But when there is one favourite, it stands alone without the superlative.

China Daily
22 July 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Something drastic required to mend RL refereeing

.news @ to me
show details 07:39 (1 minute ago)

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Gallen is only saying what we're all saying. It's so obvious something drastic is required to mend the refereeing within Rugby League [and soccer].

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kyogle Shire Council: Tightest and Least Responsive

Kyogle Shire Council may well publicise their need for community input but reality bares a different scenario. On many occasions community members email their questions and concerns to the Council without ever receiving response. All we get is the standard note that the email has been received and noted. Nothing more than that!
Kyogle Shire has to come close to being the tightest and least responsive governmental body in our state.
There are individuals within Kyogle's bureaucracy who are efficient and who do respond admirably but the machinery extant in Kyogle is not geared for response.

Northern Star
20 July 2010

Downer the Imperialist

Downer the imperialist

I am an Australian living in China. I spent many years in PNG, started Enga Experience, a tourism venture that is now operated wholly by Enga villagers, and I try to market bilums on behalf of people from Western Highlands and Enga. This fiasco between John Howard, Alexander Downer and PNG has me ashamed of the way my country has treated PNG. There have been fine contributions from many individual Aussies. Our nation has been imperialistic and paternalistic toward our Melanesian neighbours, in particular, Solomon Islands and PNG. Mr Downer is, as Sir Michael Somare stated, an imperialist. I think that once the Australian psyche wakes up to this aloof and pompous fellow, we will be well rid of him and allow him to fade to pasture among the toffs of Adelaide. Forgive us, PNG.

– Adrian Keefe Fujian, Heilongjiang China

Pricky Ricky Stuart

When ya gotta go, you gotta go! Ricky Stuart king hit an opposition player when he was playing for Canberra. No matter what else Ricky has done for the game, that king hit will define Stuart.

daily Telegraph
20 July 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Britain's hypocrisy re Tibet and China

Britain may talk of Tibet but try to talk to Britain about Scottish independence or Irish nationalism and you will get a big big silence. In fact, Tibet has been China far longer that Scotland has been part of the UK.

China Daily
16 July 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unnecessary and superfluous words that clutter and mangle meaning

It is sufficient to write "have married' rather than the ugly 'have gotten married'. It would be preferable were Chinese speakers of English to rid themselves of unnecessary and superfluous words that clutter and mangle meaning.

China Daily
15 July 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Julia Gillard has no idea how to run my country

I am concerned that Julia has absolutely no idea of what she is doing to our country. Her betrayal of Rudd showed that her ethics are not in place and that her sense of responsibility extends to her own position and not that of her country.

Daily Telegraph
10 July 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

NSW Police are Dangerous and Arrogant

Our state is in a parlous position. The police are tired and dangerous and are too prone to their own arrogant self-image. Moreover, we do not trust the police. They lie. They steal. They assault without mercy. Change the government. Change the police culture.

Daily Telegraph
6th July 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010


Okay! China builds a super strong defence force with super carriers and battle ships. Who will China attack? Who will attack China? What does it all mean?

China Daily
3 July 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sydney's Daily Telegraph: Run by MORONS!!!!!!

For heaven's sake! Doesn't ANYONE at the Telegraph know anything about English? LAID? It's not Yankee sex, mate. The word is lain! LAIN!

Daily Telegraph
21 June 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is them Palestinians Hooman Beens?

Look what happened to Helen Thomas! Front Row Status and even she at her age cannot withstand the power of the Jewish Press and Lobby in USA. She speaks the truth and she's out on her 89 year old ears.
Yes, Israel is an oddity in that it practises exactly that which they claim was genocide of the Jews. But the moment we speak of genocide of Palestinians....whoa! Hang on there, pardner! Them Ay Rabs aint exactly hooman beens, is they!

Pakistand Daily
12 June 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kokoda Track or Trick?

Well, the Yanks weren't at Kokoda, were they? It was dinky di Aussies who, in companion with Papua New Guineans, fought back the Japanese forces during WW2.

Daily Telegraph
12 June 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Depictions of the Prophet [PBUH] are scandalous

1 Response for “Youtube blocked to check blasphemy, Musharraf”

Caoimh says:
May 23, 2010 at 3:27 am
The Facebook episode is scandalous! Most non-Muslims know that Islam forbids depictions of the Prophet [PBUH]. Therefore, why such a proposal to have people submit depictions? It is clearly an affront to Holy Islam and an insult to Muslims everywhere.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shanghai: All that is good in Humanity

Shanghai Expo! What a wonderful example of international cooperation. What a glorious sight that Shanghai presents to the world. If only this peaceful coexistence could extend to all other arena of contact, instead of conflict and anguish. Shanghai represents all that is good in humanity.

China Daily
19 May 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dr Khan's Navel a Port for Things Naval?

The good doctor Khan must know the difference between his navel and things naval. I can imagine with some jocularity a fleet of navels, be they Indian or not. Would they be attached to their bodies, or would they be disenfranchised entities of nothing, as navels are merely the hollows left behind at birth.

Pakistan Daily
16 May 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smug Media and our Prime Minister

I fully understand the PM's attitude toward media reps such as O'Brien. What has the media done for climate improvement? If O'Brien had initiated his own method for the environment, he would be on equal footing with the PM. But O'Brien is the classical armchair critic, comfortably ensconced within his studio. Smug and in control.

Daily Telegraph
13 May 2010

Mao held Culture to be Most Important

Well, Freethinkers' use of the term 'history books' immediately tells me that writer is American. And that says a lot to me. Irrespective, history informs me that Mao Zedong was indeed a cultural giant and the performance of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution does not denigrate Mao nor detract from his immense energy culturally. Politics was an offspring of culture for Mao; the ramifications of international interference in China's affairs led Mao to cherish China's culture even more. This led to Mao's reluctance to trust imperial intentions toward China.

China Daily
13 May 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mugabe clones South Africa

Goeie more

In 1974 one of my female workers in Gwelo, Rhodesia, had her teeth and gums removed by pliers-wielding Mugabe butchers. Now in 2010, South African farmers are having their teeth removed figuratively by this appallingly insane movement to hand over 40% of their farming land to people not renowned for their farming genius.

Lessening the political and social bite of farmers is not the way to improve a country's economic performance. Mao did it in the 50s and look what happened to China. Stalin tried it; Mugabe still wants to; and now the strangely-named Ms Tina Joematt-Petterson wants to do it.

As the song goes: When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?


Adrian Keefe


194 James Avenue / Jamesrylaan 194
PO Box 912-51 / Posbus 912-51
0127 / 0127

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ben Cummins: Hopeless or a Lunatic?

Ben Cummins is still out there in the centre of the park? I don't believe it! He's still there after a series of inexplicable mistakes that should have earned Mr Cummins a visit to a sight pyschologist. David Gallop should be aware of the damage such an incompetent has on our game of Rugby League. Our Game!

Daily Telegraph
10 May 2010


HsunTze 2010-05-09 13:45
ADRIAN KEEFE 2010-05-08 02:59

I hope more White Australians and other Western people will read your comments which is fair and noteworthy. They will then be less inclined to see China in negative light as many wrongly do, thus the often biased critics

China Daily
10 May 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mao helped to save Australia during WW2

We Australians view China not from a neo-Cold War perspective but as neighbours. It was Australia that opened the way for Kissinger and Nixon to visit Mao. It was Mao who helped to save Australia during WW2. My postgraduate thesis [written during the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution in 1968] asserts that Mao and the 8th Route Army and the New 4th Army kept the Japanese forces tied to the north of China instead of moving into South East Asia and thence onto Australia where Japan's war aims included capturing Australia's great mineral wealth. It was, in my opinion, a debt that has never been acknowledged. Although it was never intentional, Mao's great spirit imbued the Chinese guerrilla forces with enormous courage that enabled China to defeat Japan's imperialist aggression in WW2.
Thus, we Australians can be thankful to China. Our own population is served by almost a million Chinese Australians. We benefit from being a friend of China.

China Daily
8 May 2010

China and Justice Miscarried

I applaud the China Daily for journalism that uncovers bad administration of justice. This is shameful treatment of a citizen who has used the very channels of bureaucracy to have his complaint heard and then is gaoled! Shameful! This is not a credit to China.

China Daily
7 May 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pat O'Shane: Best Magistrate in Oz

Magistrate Pat O'Shane is to be congratulated for her insight into Police chicanery. I was a police officer once but I resigned due to the rorts, dishonesty and criminality of certain members of the then Police Force. I worked at The Cross in night clubs before I was in the Police and I saw police men acting illegally on a daily basis. Ms O'Shane has her finger on the pulse of our society and I think there should be more magistrates and judges of similar ilk to Ms O'Shane.

Daily Telegraph
7 May 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Huge need for David Gallop to resign @ to me
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David Gallop must go. That is imperative. No use blaming everyone else when the boss is hopelessly under-equipped to handle the job.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bomb in New York was meant to Scare

1 Response for “NYC Failed Bomb: A Mossad False-Flag Gone Wrong?”

Caoimh says:
May 4, 2010 at 8:40 am

My intelligence suggests the device was benign and as such was meant to scare rather than to maim or injure physically. It can be inferred from this that some outfit wanted to thrust prejudice against Holy Islam again.

Pakistan Daily
4 May 2010

Applaud Kim Jong Il for taking the Train

More people should travel by train. I applaud Kim for journeying by train. You can walk about and stretch your legs and actually see the wonderful scenery. It's far more relaxing and it's environmentally better ... one engine for all those passengers.

China Daily
4 May 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the sycophantic way other nationalities ape this American sound.

Oh dear! You have opened a very large can of worms for me. I ... oh heavens ... don't get me started ... or, alternatively, don't start me. The American way of pronunciation is an international curse; not so much in the way Americans mispronounce just about everything English, but the sycophantic way other nationalities ape this American sound. I watched the Australian Open [Tennis] the other week and Jim Courier, in his usual awful manner, calls Jokovic Joe Kuvich. Now, we all know Jokovic is pronounced Jock oh vich, but the malleable Aussie commentator succumbed to Courier's mispronunciation and began calling Jokovic Joe Kuvich. Once Courier had gone, the Aussie recanted and returned to the more acceptable Jock oh vich. I reflected as to why so many American Hispanics allow Americans to mispronounce the simple name Carlos. It becomes Car Low zz ... the oh sound becomes owe and the ss sound becomes zz. What can one do in face of this perversion of sound? I also cast my web about the commentators and media 'personalities' in whichever country I exist and try to get them to realise how awful the American bastardisation of sound has become.
I like the American sound in its context but the coca-colonisation of English and culture in an international context is baffling to me and I have studied this phenomenon to doctoral dissertation level.

Who Determines Good and Evil?

BlogMay 3, 2010
Edmund Burke had said something to this effect, “Evil flourishes not because of evil men, but because good men do nothing about it “.
Indeed, lack of condemnations or protests encourages evil to flourish. The least we can do is speak up and show that we are for the righteousness
Justice or civil war
You have a very simple choice: Justice or civil war — and you choose. As Suketu said, that is the entire spectrum of possibility from A to B.
Gangly khan

1 Response for “Evil”

Caoimh says:
May 3, 2010 at 8:29 am
Then again, who determines good and evil? The answer to this is prescription for injustice, for not everyone can agree with definitions.

Pakistan Daily
3 May 2010

Jessica Watson on the long way home

Story Comment Published Inbox X
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Your comment has been published:
A nation waits and hopes that this champion arrives safely, no matter how long it takes.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Palestine cannot trust the West

The British do not have a good record of trust in the Middle East. I am afraid the Palestinian people cannot rely on Western Governments that continue to express unwavering support for the Jewish State. It is as if any crimes committed by Israel are subordinate to irrational fears of being labelled 'anti-Semitic'. No, don't criticise Israel under any circumstances. You gotta remember the Holocaust!

Pakistan Daily
2 May 2010

An Derui on maddening and madding

Far from the maddening crowd
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An Derui Laoshi 2010-05-02 03:25

Dui bu qi ... but the expression is not 'maddening crowd' but 'madding crowd'. From the work: Far from the Madding Crowd.

An Derui on wrecks and wreaks

Comments on this article For more discussions,please go to the forum
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An Derui Laoshi 2010-05-02 03:22

Dui bu qi ... but the word is not 'wrecks' but 'wreaks'. You wreak havoc by causing or wreaking havoc. The wreck is the result of the wreak.

Madding Crowds in Maddening China

Dui bu qi ... but the expression is not 'maddening crowd' but 'madding crowd'. From the work: Far from the Madding Crowd.

China Daily
2 May 2010

Wrecks and Wreaks

Dui bu qi ... but the word is not 'wrecks' but 'wreaks'. You wreak havoc by causing or wreaking havoc. The wreck is the result of the wreak.

China Daily
2 May 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

China's Bullshit

Maybe tis better if China were to improve, rather than to worry about improving its image. This is perhaps China's main problem, that of worry about image or 'face'. After six working years in China I have become a bit tired of the bullshit that emanates from China. As I have said repeatedly, there is no need for China to wallow in bullshit. The real China has nothing to fear from exposure.

China Daily
1 May 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Only China can prevent war between the Koreas

This is a problem only China can resolve. Only China has influence in North Korea. If North Korea did fire the torpedo that sank the South Korean warship, only China can douse the flames that threaten to ignite the Korean Peninsular.

China Daily
30 Apr 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

When we were Soldiers we zobbed

When we were soldiers in the Vietnam war era we zobbed; scissors, rock, paper to decide on thing or another. Recently, while in Oman [Middle East] I ventured zobbing as a means of deciding something among a group of Omanis and Foreigners. The faces of the Omanis were aghast at my suggestion. I found out that zobbing was sexual activity in Oman. I was mortified!

ABC News North Coast
24 Apr 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brian McFadden is Dreadful

Pip of Sydney Posted at 8:00 AM Today
Not an original sound - could have been any male singing that song and it would have sounded the same. Can't for the life of me understand how it got No.1. Try something else next time Mr McFadden.

Pixie of Kingscliff NSW Posted at 7:12 AM Today
He might have everything, but his foul mouth is no example to set for the kids....his attack on his ex wife on twitter was deplorable and embarrasing, this is one person that should go back to the UK where he belongs.

Adrian Caoimh of Tabulam NSW Posted at 6:38 AM Today
It's dreadful! So is he!

Sydney's Daily Telegraph employs dud Dean Ritchie

Who tort Dean Ritchie to rite English? This bloke is bloody hopeless. Few refers to numbers while less refers to amount. For example: few people eat less sugar. Got it, Dino?

Daily Telegraph
22 Apr 2010

Dean Ritchie of Sydney's Telegraph ignores rules of English ... again!

Here we go again with errant English. Revert means to return or to go back. It is ludicrous to write 'revert back' as this tautological nonsense only shows the writer's lack of knowledge of our language. All journalists [sic] should display the rudiments of grammar and spelling and have a modicum of respect for their readers. Dean Ritchie, whoever he is, should learn English.

Daily Telegraph
22 Apr 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Referees and Pathetic English

I quote: 'The NRL statement continued: "Finch today also announced that the referees’ interpretation of the advantage rule would revert back to the discretion of the referees ..." '
This is typical of the standard of the NRL in that even the English is pathetic. Tautological nonsense in that one cannot revert forward...therefore, as anyone with an ounce of English knowledge can attest, the word 'revert' stands alone and does not require a directional adverb.
Poor English; poor refereeing, poor judgement.

Daily Telegraph
20 Apr 2010


Gallop is not a football player. He is a lawyer. I have been calling for his sacking for three years as it's his responsibility for our [I repeat ... OUR] game, and if he took his responsibility seriously, other than a mere bank deposit, he would have done something about referees. As Gus Gould repeated ad nauseum on Sunday, the game is not about referees, but about players and us who watch the game.

Daily Telegraph
20 Apr 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pig faced mole is a pig faced moll, Brian McFadden

'Pig faced mole'? Typically dull and uneducated bloke who doesn't know the difference between 'mole' and 'moll'. We Aussies try to insult our women by calling them 'molls' [prostitutes ... after Moll Flanders] but in effect, we pronounce the word 'mole' [earth-burrowing creature]. McFadden has a long way to go before he can call himself a fair dinkum Aussie.

Daily Telegraph
19 Apr 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Heck! I didn't know about Kadeer and the Dalai and I didn't care until the China Daily brought it to my attention. And, despite the futile attempt to get me riled, I still don't care about these two nobodies! Grow up, China. You are acting like a proper dill!

China Daily
18 Apr 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chinese English

It is interesting that Chinese English is by far grammatically more logical than the English that struggles in uncertainty in Australia, Britain and, of course, in the United States. Chinese teachers of English have a far better understanding of the logic of English grammar than their counter-parts in the West. It is distressing when one hears Chinese taking on the ludicrous aspects of English simply because they originate in the West.

China Daily
16 Apr 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Racism in Oz

Don't be obviously naive or ingenuous...we all know that by calling President Obama this Liberal was being racist. He could have called Obama a donkey but he chose that racist epithet 'monkey' which we all know is a racist term of abuse.

16 Apr 2010

Dread the Dreadful QANTAS

I totally agree with Ms Rowland. Qantas is indeed a shirty airline and its crews are the worst in the business.....rude, uncaring, contemptuous of passengers, involved in their own personal social lives which they display in loud voices across the cabin ...every time I flew with Qantas this was the same story...until four years ago when I became determined never never never to fly Qantas again.
Qantas is almost as despicable as Cathay Pacific.

16 Apr 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

United States of China

What is gasoline? Is it petrol? Why not call it petrol? Oh ... I see... it is because China is fast becoming the United States of China. Will the RMB soon become the dollar? I read that China wants to get rid of English words to prevent Chinese from being degraded. Isn't this silly use of the word 'gasoline' doing just that?

China Daily
14 Apr 2010


There we go again! The Chinese skipper damages the Reef and the China Daily blames the Australians. Not a word of apology. No! Just condemnation of Australia. No wonder the world is waking to the ugly China.

China Daily
14 Apr 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kings Cross for Mean Queens

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I don't think it would make the kings cross! Maybe the queens, though!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paranoia and Anxiety in China

The fact that you didn't print my comment only reinforces my message in that you Chinese are paranoid. It is as simple as that! And you don't have a need to be paranoid. It is a mental disease which has grabbed China by the throat and is strangling you all.

China Daily
11 Apr 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010



10 APR 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

America's Bullying Might

I am trying to remember a time since WW2 when America was not at war with some other country. And what's worse is that the US always tries to drag other nations into its war ... as allies! The so-called 'united front' ... 'coalition of the willing', or some other tinpot name. If it's not Iran or Iraq or Syria or North Korea or ... it'll be some not so strong country, unable to withstand America's bullying might.

China Daily
8 Apr 2010

Rugby League Referees are Hopeless!!!!!

Des Hasler is right. The referees of NRL are too prone to costly mistakes. To put referees on the same pedestal as Court Judges is to deny justice its place in our system. If we cannot criticise they who make our game of Rugby League the joke that it has become then what's the point? Frankly, they are hopeless! They seem not to understand the nature of the game.

Daily Telegraph
Apr 8, 2010

Jessica Watson: Aussie of the Century

This is our Aussie of the Century! I would vote for her to be our PM. I would vote for her to be Pope! I would even vote for her to be my next-door neighbour , and that's a HUGE vote of confidence.

Daily Telegraph
Apr 8, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

China will fall prey to insidious malady of capitalism

I am not moved. Such wealth is accumulated at the expense of someone else. The Chinese have a point which buries itself into the heart of lurid capitalism. But then, China itself will fall prey to this insidious malady and ...

The Australian
7 Apr 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Selfish and arrogant China

The Chinese ship has the chance of causing extreme damage to the Great Barrier Reef and to Australian coastal waters. The ship went into the reef at full speed, 15 km outside the regulation reef channel. This is immensely damaging to the environment. The reef is World heritage. And all the China Daily can print is an account of crew and comfort. What a reflection on China! Is this what China is like? Selfish and arrogant?

China Daily
5 Mar 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tony Abbott: @ to me
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After listening to Wally Lewis and Mick Slater on TV ... I am not too sure that Tony Abbott will come out any better if he's coached by Marcus West. In fact, it would be disastrous for Abbott to begin speaking like an hysterical clown or a wind-up doll.

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Letter to Premier

Hon Premier ... We need your intercession please. I am pensioner, ex army, now teacher. My son, Oliver, manages IT store in rural Casino. He has daughter whom he visits fortnightly. He has newly-purchased house in nearby Rappville [20km]. Last Xmas he attended company function in Yamba. After dinner and drinks, Oliver slept over at the Yamba Hotel. Next morning he drove home to Rappville and as he was in his driveway, a police officer approached and applied the breath test. Oliver apparently failed this test. Subsequently Oliver lost his licence for 6 months. Now he can't live in his house, cannot visit his daughter, and has to rent a room in Casino so he can work. The pressure to visit his daughter was irresistible. He was caught driving without a licence. Now he faces further punishment.
All this because an over-zealous police officer booked Oliver in his driveway and after Oliver had slept the night at a hotel because he would not drive under the effects of alcohol. Oliver did the right thing and did not suspect that seven hours later his body still had not rid itself of alcohol.
Now Oliver has to sell his car which he bought last year. He cannot live in his home. He cannot have his daughter with him at Rappville each fortnight. His despair is palpable and depression is drowning him.
Cannot the State of NSW review this calamitous situation, give Oliver a day licence so he can drive to work? After all, he was booked in his driveway after he slept the night at Yamba Hotel? He did not do anything knowingly to break the law and he could not have realised his body's metabolism didn't break down the alcohol consumed the previous night.

Your help is necessary to prevent a woeful miscarriage of justice. Thanks Ms Keneally

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

China is seen to be phobic, insecure and irrational.

China is seen as phobic, insecure and irrational, even though the law is implemented correctly. But what exactly is the law? We are puzzled and not sure if it is worth the trouble to do business with China.

China Daily
30 Mar 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idiot Australians and their over-stressed Kangaroo @ to me
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Australians are becoming idiots. Just listen to them on TV or the radio or when they are yelling into their mobile phones. No wonder the poor kangaroo was stressed.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ruby League has failed as a sport @ to me
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I have ceased to follow Rugby League because Gallop is incompetent and the referees are useless and this betting thing is not conducive to sportsmanship. If referees were intelligent, the game would be a bit better.

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Six reasons why China's political system actually works

I have kept a copy of these six arguments that I myself have espoused for many years. The Chinese political model is made for the moment and in true Marxist manner, will further adapt to the moment as societies bend and flex and meander through History. We all can learn from the Chinese model and adapt to our own circumstances, for that is exactly what the Chinese themselves have done.

China Daily
21 Mar 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

China Daily 8 Mar 2010: China Century by Adrian Keefe

Think again: It may not be China century
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Adrian Keefe 2010-03-08 17:07
It is China's century because no where else on Earth do 1.3 billion people pull together in social and national effort. No where else on Earth is there such a national pride among so many people. Even if there are some poor people, they haven't been forgotten by the others. This is what makes this century belong to China. It is unique among nations.

China is unique

It is China's century because no where else on Earth do 1.3 billion people pull together in social and national effort. No where else on Earth is there such a national pride among so many people. Even if there are some poor people, they haven't been forgotten by the others. This is what makes this century belong to China. It is unique among nations.

China Daily
8th Mar 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

rural life in oz

Adrian Keefe MA [Deakin]
Grafton Street
Tabulam 2469

Mr Thomas George MP

Dear Mr George

Again I write to you for your intercession in a matter that looms as great a social malady as any I can imagine for us rural communities.

It combines suicide with the lack of public facilities such as transport. Tabulam is a focal point and an example of this malady.

Last year we buried young Jacob Staveley. He hanged himself out of despair. Centrelink hounded him. In order to pacify Centrelink he drove everywhere to find work, often in an unregistered vehicle as he had not the means to pay for registration.

The Jubullum community out here have no footpath to connect them with Tabulam. They cannot at will summon the community vehicle to take an individual or family to town or to visit others in other communities. They end up driving, often without a licence, and more often in unregistered vehicles. The seeds of criminality begin this way, from despair.

My son manages a shop in Casino. He has a daughter in Coffs. He is paying off a car so that he can get to work from Rappville to Casino and to bring his daughter up from Coffs to Rappville for alternate weekends.

Last year his employer held a Xmas party at Yamba. My son slept in his car rather than drive home inebriated. However, when breath tested the following day, he was over the limit.

By definition any driver who is DUI and requires a car to get to work and to perform employment duties has lost the ability to be employed. The subsequent pressure from dependants is enormous. Thus drivers break the law by continuing to serve their social and family responsibilities.

It is the legal condition which fails to consider the social condition. It is the foundation for suicide in our rural communities. This is common knowledge and has been academically researched until the proverbial cows come home. My own post graduate studies into the rural condition reveal a growing
sense of anomie among our young people.

I see it every day out here. Yesterday I shook your hand as I alighted from the REX plane; you were standing near my wife with whom you earlier had spoken. You and I often have travelled down and back from Sydney. Our paths had met when you responded so effectively to my letter years ago to prevent the burning of long grass by the SES in Tabulam.

I am 65 years and I have to go to China, Oman and Bangladesh to find employment. No one will employ an educated older person. In order to stave off my own sense of anomie I find an area where I might feel useful. I certainly do not feel useful in our own society. And I share this negativity with many of my fellow rural citizens.

But back to the point: I was shocked to find my son had succumbed to his own dreadful anomie and I fear for his … I dare not say it. He has his degrees from years of self sacrifice and study but all that is open to him is the shop he manages in Casino. And he needs his licence to drive the car which he needs to pay off, and he needs his employment to fulfil his responsibilities to his young daughter in Coffs. And initially he tried to do the right thing by sleeping in his car and not driving it after boozing in Yamba with his workmates.

Young Jacob Staveley, who hanged himself last May at his home near Tabulam, was my son Oliver’s best mate.

I need your perspicacity at its brightest, Mr George, to rectify, if possible, a condition that is itself a paradox. Surely, the legal system is to allow for quirks and vicissitudes in life itself. A reading on a breathalyser need not be indicative of an illegal act and should not necessarily and automatically lead to a result which sets off a chain of events that lead to such awful conclusions as the one that saw young Jacob Staveley take his own life.

With respect

Adrian Keefe
5th March 2010