Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Australia has become a mongrel nation

I am 65 and I have never known Australia to be so deficient in responsibility, honesty, and integrity. The liar is venerated. The thief is applauded. The bully is structurally ingrained within our society. We treat Muslims as enemies. Our ethnic minorities are treated with mish-mash contempt. We simply don't care. We have become a mongrel nation.
If we are caught out, we shy away from accepting responsibility.
The boss of that school should be placed squarely in the centre of the playground with a yellow ribbon tied to his cowardly head.

Daily Telegraph
11 Feb 10

Friday, February 5, 2010

Capitalism has inherent corruption

It is the very nature of capitalism to seek advantage over others. If China wants to compete and to seek advantage over others in this world of capitalism, it must expect strange practices. Ummmm ... err... hang on! Isn't there corruption in China?

China Post
6 Feb 10

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Racist India insults Pakistan Cricketers

Why were the Pakistani players omitted from consideration by India's IPL, particularly as they were asked to present themselves for selection? Was not that action racist? The game of cricket is morphing into a Clauswitzian instrument of battle, rather than mere sport.

Hindustan Times
5 Feb 10

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

India:thinks it's a Superpower

When an element in nature is dying, it lashes out in furious indignation of its impending demise. The candle flame, in its final moments, splutters and spits, and tries to grow bigger before it pops dead. Empires throughout history become more complex, unmanageable and invent external bogies upon which to divert their population's attention from their own failures.
America as a Superpower, is recognising its own ageing, its own ineptness, and keeps the war alive for the sake of ... memory of former greatness.
India, for some reason, thinks it too is a Superpower and is crumbling before it even got to the first rung of the ladder to Superpower status. China, Pakistan, and even Australia have become targets for a crazed and souped-up India. Bangladesh hasn't escaped India's ire. And when there's no one else upon whom to cast aspersions, India will turn inward and bully its lower castes.

Pakistan Daily
4 Feb 10

Indians are Racist

Not only did this Indian set fire to himself to steal insurance money from Australians but another Indian, murdered in NSW, was the victim of three Indians whom he had cheated of their wages. How is it that Indian crimes against Indians in Australia is made out to be racist? Australian racism? We do not have a cursed caste system, do we, India?

Hindustan Times
3 Feb 10

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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